Organisation of the University

The Government of the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, exercises control and supervision over the University through the Curator’s Council of the University. This Council has, as main duties, to take decisions about the Human Recourses and the economic and financial structure of the University, the opening of new Branches, Faculties and Departments of the University in several countries, and the strategy of development of the institution in general.

The Magisterial House of the Federation exercises operational supervision and the permanent follow up of the University and of its different branches, Faculties and Departments.

The scientific quality of the courses is guaranteed by the Scientific Council of the University. This Council has, as main duty, to analyze, inspect and take decisions concerning the level, the type,  the scientific quality of the courses of the University, and to approve the qualifications of the professors.

The Pedagogical Council has the duty of supervising the pedagogical quality and of analyzing the methods and techniques of teaching, of deciding about the structure and composition of each course and to access the results achieved by the students.

International Structure

The University is a conglomeration of a number of educational institutions, operating in many places worldwide, recognized and accepted by the Organs of the University and by the State of The Federation as well as, when necessary, by the local authorities.

In order to fulfil its mission, the University uses state-of-the-art technology and is preparing a modern system of e-learning through the worldwide web.

The individual educational institutions operating in various countries can, in accordance with the local needs and structures, constitute independent legal entities, established in accordance with the home country’s laws and regulations and operating in compliance with the University’s constitution, by-laws rules and quality standards. Once qualified, they will be entitled to use the name of the University alongside their own name.

The adherence to the University by independent legal entities has to be approved by the Curator’s Council and supervised by the University’s Scientific and Pedagogical Councils and by the Magisterial House of the  Federation.

Management and representation of the University

The University constitutes a legal entity of the State of the Federation, and the Rector Magnificus heads i,t both at national and international levels and represents the University on his own.

The internal organisational worldwide units of the University include:

  • Branches – Groups of two or more Faculties operating in a country. These are headed by a national Rector (Vice-Rector of the University)
  • Faculties – entities that comprehend different departments of the same kind. These are headed by Deans
  • Departments – entities formed by groups disciplines of the same kind. These are headed by Directors
  • Courses – Disciplines from several Departments grouped with the purpose of a specific scientific formation or training. These are headed by Course Coordinators

System of Credits

The system of credits is adopted.

Establishment of Institutes, Committees, Research Centers and Open Universities

The University has the right to establish Institutes, Committees, Research Centers and Open Universities, to organise and promote the academic work, implement and develop training courses and scientific research. The right to establish these units is held by the Council of Curators.

Academic Ranks and Career

  • Level A - FULL PROFESSOR - For this rank a PhD, as well as an outstanding curriculum and experience in teaching are required
  • Level B - ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR - equivalent to Chair Professor. For this rank a PhD is required.
  • Level C - SENIOR ASSISTANT PROFESSOR - For this rank a Masters Degree is required.
  • Level D - ASSISTANT PROFESSOR - For this rank a Masters Degree or a Licentiate Degree plus an outstanding curriculum and specific specialty training are required
  • Level E - AUXILIARY PROFESSOR - For this rank a Licentiate Degree and specific specialty training are required
  • Level F - INSTRUCTOR - equivalent to Sessional Tutor. For this rank a specific specialty training and professional experience in the respective field are required.  The Instructors can only teach under the supervision of a professor of levels D to A

Non Career University Ranks

  • VISITING PROFESSOR - This Professor can have one of the Academic Ranks above but is only temporarily member of the Academic Corps of the Pro Deo State University in order to teach a specific discipline, matter, course or seminar.
  • GUEST PROFESSOR - This Professor can be a member of the Academic Corps of our University, and does not need to have an Academic Career or formal Academic Degree but has to be internationally recognized as reputed, skilled and experienced professional or expert in a certain specific field or matter. A Guest Professor can only teach under the supervision of a Professor of the levels C to A.

Academic University Appointments

  • DIRECTOR OF FACULTY - A Director of Faculty has to be a Professor of Level A (Full Professor)
  • UNIVERSITY COURSE DIRECTOR - The Director of any of the University courses has to be a Professor of Level B to A
  • PROFESSIONAL COURSE DIRECTOR - The Director of Professional Courses conferring no Academic Degree to students, but only Professional Training, has to be a Professor from Levels D to A
  • MEMBER OF THE SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL OF THE UNIVERSITY - Are members of the Scientific Council of the University all the Professors of Levels A and B as well as all the Directors of the Professional Courses of the University. Guest Professors may be specially invited to take part of the Scientific Council due to his/hers special skills or knowledge.
  • MEMBER OF THE ACADEMIC SENATE OF THE UNIVERSITY - Are members of the Academic Senate of Pro Deo State University all its Professors from Levels  F to A including the Guest Professors and the Visiting Professors in activity.

Important Notes

  1. All the appointments for Professors will be done firstly by invitation of the Rector Magnificus to reputed professors or experts in different areas of knowledge from different countries. In case of open or vacant chairs or positions which have not been occupied by invitation of the Rector, an announcement will be then made public by the Rectory. Priority will be given to the Knights and Dames of  the State of the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, ( KMFAP )  if and when their academic qualifications will be in even terms with outsider's applications for the same position.
  2. The Applications for the Academic Corps of the University can only be accepted for a specific discipline or Chair of an existing Course, or for a specific academic appointment and/or for an open existing position.



We officially acknowledge hereby that the PDSU (Pro-Deo State University) is NOT an accredited institution in the EU!

The honorary degrees awarded by PDSU, or by any other universities – are Honours, (see WIKIPEDIA under Honoris Causa) therefore can not be introduced as a scientific degree in official documents issued in many countries of the world.

Season's Greetings from the Grand Master of Knights of Malta (KMFAP)

Season’s Greetings

Dear Knights, Dames, Squires, Damsels and friendly Orders,

On behalf of the Government of our State and of the structures of our Sovereign Order, I have the honour and the pleasure of presenting to all our most sincere Greetings for the coming Season.

Season's greetings from the Grand Master

The Magisterial House of the Federation, in full respect for the religious options of our Knights and Dames, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights of the United Nations, comes to express to all the greetings for the present season, namely for the following religions:

Partnership with the International Humanitarian House
Welcome to the "Transfer of experience V4 from their EU integration and transformation processes - children´s rights” project. This is International Humanitarian House project supported by the International Visegrad Fund (IVF) and implemented by our partners from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. The pilot project will be implemented with help of our Georgian partner - No.53 Public School of Tbilisi.

A szlovákiai Danubius Főiskola 10. évfordulóját ünnepelte a PDSU részvételével

Alapítása óta 10 sikeres oktatási év telt el a Sladkovicovo/Diószeg városban működő Danubius Főiskola életében, Doc. Ing. Djamal Gasymov PhD, az Akadémiai Tanács elnöke, és Prof. Mgr. Miroslav Danis rektor vezetésével.

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